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Raise your voice for Alzheimer's and help spread the word that Alzheimer’s is a women’s issue. #ENDALZ

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Alzheimer’s Association
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Our Approach

Delivering rich interactive video experiences has always been a challenge on mobile web browsers — especially on iOS. By leveraging Facebook's Spark AR functionality, we delivered an interactive video experience to record users’ karaoke duets in an organic, camera-centric and super-shareable platform.

Users access the Alzheimer’s Association Camera Effect within their Facebook app and can choose from one of four songs and chorus groups to sing with.

As soon as recording concludes, users can share with their friends and followers via Facebook posts, stories or save the clip to their mobile device, spreading the word to others to sing along with the AlzheimHer’s Chorus.


By utilizing core elements of Camera Effects and augmenting them with custom development components in Facebook’s Spark AR Studio, we created a flow that is simple for users, achievable at scale on all recent mobile devices, and avoided the abundant costs and challenges associated with a custom video recording/rendering platform.

Even Broadway actress Alexandra Socha joined in to show her support, so that together we can #ENDALZ.