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The big, blue superhero brings his own quirky brand of justice to The City and Amazon Prime Video.

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The Pitch

After putting on our pajamas and sitting down with a bowl of cereal, we tapped into our inner-children and started working on the pitch concepts. We put together an approach full of crazy ideas, fun content and off-the-wall executions that could bring fans into The Tick's hilarious mythology and bring this new incarnation into the present. 

Everything was fair game -- experiential, social, video, OOH and beyond. Our goal was to create compelling content for today's hyperactive culture by diving into the numbers that drive high engagement. Our strategy centered around different types of content for various demographics and a staged approach that could build buzz from the hardcore fans out to the mainstreatm audience who might not already know our big blue friend.

Kicking off at the start of summer, we took a slow-burn approach to introducing our big, blue hero to the world at large. Instead of giving away all the good stuff at the start, we began our campaign with a more opaque approach.

Talent Shoot

After initial concepts were approved, our team flew to NYC to capture footage with the cast of the show. Operating as one of four sets working simultaneously with different crews, we had a razor-thin timeline to capture enough motion content to last for the entire season one campaign.

Our daylong greenscreen shoot utilized a turntable and high-speed cameras to crank through our 30-minute window with each of the actors. We drafted a host of wild lines for each character, directed the talent through a mix of actions and sourced props to bring our concepts to life as we generated a library of assets for future use.

Character intros, catch phrases, action shots and even holiday content were all up for grabs. Then it was onto the platform promos, international callouts and on and on. 

Introducing The Tick

The first pieces of content released were living-portraits of the aftermath of The Tick's awesome but sometimes clumsy, crimefighting ways. His unique silhouette is left behind as a hole in a brick wall, outlined in bullet holes or smashed into the sidewalk. This announced The Tick's arrival to The City but kept fans anticipating his full reveal.

Dozens of Daily Tickisms were created to share The Tick's unique worldview and unshakeable optimism. The art direction set the tone for the rest of the campaign but only revealed his iconic antennae, keeping his full super-suit out of view. 

Custom emojis for The Tick and his sidekick Arthur were created to appear whenever fans Tweeted with #TheTick. Timed perfectly with an experiential activation at San Diego Comic Con, delighted Tweeters had fun with our emoji versions of their beloved characters. Even the actors and show's creators got in on the fun.

Social Content

The Tick inhabits a world of super action, over the top comedy and smart word play. In order to give people a taste of the show's tone, we developed a huge range of content that would appeal to different audiences.

Quirky Snapchat and Instagram ads showcased the odd characters and unique sense of humor while series like The Powers Of... and Destiny Laughs Longest focused on clip-driven, animation heavy moments revealing each characters' abilities and the funniest moments from the show.

Animated postcards introduced the inhabitants of The City where the show takes place and fun recaps brought fans up to speed on Arthur's adventures through the first half of the season.

More flexible elements like custom holiday content and short, social reaction GIFs were also created for the social team to use in day to day engagement as conversation picked up steam.



To bring fans further into the world of the show, we developed a website for the in-world government agency, AEGIS. All heroes in the world of The Tick are required to be registered with AEGIS and our site gave fans a chance to sign up and become an official hero or villain themselves, complete with their own ID card.

Users craft their own super character, choosing from an arsenal of different special abilities, gear and super powers, even generating their own background story before they receive a shareable ID card. The site is full of easter eggs for Tick lovers to discover and continues to evolve with new content. 

We also secured an official AEGIS phone number for users to call and receive information regarding their status through an interactive experience. The site was designed to feel like an actual government website, functional but with a few deliberately broken elements. The icing on the cake was having our interactive phone number written into an actual episode of the show itself, bringing our concept to life as production-approved easter egg to reward attentive fans and yield secret content down the road.


Fans were delighted with the splashy San Diego Comic Con content and kept foaming at the mouth with our mix of comedy, action and graphic goofyness in the months leading up to the premiere. Through strategic targeting and a range of videos across social platforms, we introduced new fans to the unique tone of the show and proved to the die-hards that this was a version of The Tick they would absolutely love. 

Our team was excited to see the fruits of our labor from this lengthy project. Starting with the pitch, moving quickly into an asset shoot, copywriting, concepting and then months of production work yielded over a thousand deliverables. Fans online were hooked as word of mouth spread, the momentum and buzz burst through on launch weekend. Premiering to overwhelmingly positive buzz and a fresh outlook on the superhero genre, it looks like we can count on plenty more of The Tick coming up.

Here's a big, blue fingered salute to countless seasons of self-aware satire, delicious word play and bizarre superhero deaths.