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A mystical predicting sloth, the Florida Keys and 4-hours of improv piano. You're welcome, Internet.

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Summer Solstice

Bill's inherent chillness was the perfect embodiment of the lazy heat on the longest day of the year.

But the Internet isn't known for it's attention span, so to accompany Bill and channel his summer predictions, we recruited a talented musician/comedian to engage with audience questions in real-time, lead the broadcast through absurd, Sloth-inspired skits and build to the final reveal against the backdrop of a perfect tropical summer day.

The twinkling notes of a white baby grand piano drifted over island views and shots of a hanging Bill in between, allowing viewership to build reaction and guide the broadcast's next move.

The Live Broadcast

Our crew descended on the Keys to setup a TV-style, two camera live broadcast with a beachside restaurant transformed into a hybrid control room/social media war room.

With SapientRazorfish's social media team monitoring comments and an adjacent writer's table producing rapid responses and thought-starters for our talent to riff on, we produced a seamless experience that brought users into a 4-hour story arc moving effortlessly from pre-planned segments like Yoga With Bill, to Sloth Thoughts and Will He Basketball?, plus reactive content like predictions, naptime, and, by popular demand, more predictions. Fans loved the feedback of this real-time, two-way engagement.

The Location

We scoured Carnival's hundreds of ports for the location that would scream summer fun.

As we narrowed in on the Florida Keys, Islamorada's Morada Bay Resort brought us a fortunate combination of beautiful private beach and indoor spaces that we could pre-light as a backup in the event of a tropical storm surprise on the day of the shoot.

A covered stage rose against a picturesque ocean backdrop while sparing our sloth/human co-stars a sunburn.

The remote nature of the location made logistics a key consideration, but its combination of amenities was well worth the extra planning -- and our crew didn't mind a few days bonding down in the Keys.


While people, equipment, and even sloths aren't so difficult to transport to Islamorada, the flawless high-speed internet connection any Facebook Live stream demands took more than connecting to resort Wi-Fi.

Connections in the Keys can be spotty, to say the least, so we brought in our own dedicated satellite Internet with symmetrical upload/download speeds and a specialist monitoring connectivity throughout the day.

Non-stop monitoring on-site and off prevented packet loss, ensured a secure connection and delivered streaming HD video to fans watching on Facebook live from across the world.

Inside our control center on-site, we had a writers table, a social media team monitoring the engagement among our team of dozens working relentlessly to bring this live broadcast to fruition. Earpiece communication between director and talent, director and crew and agency and director allowed us to react on the fly. A backup visual comms system allowed us to relay questions and answer prompts without disrupting the live-performance of our stars.

Love Thy Sloth

Above all, we made sure that our sloth would be kept cool, well fed and comfortable in his starting role. We worked with an experienced picture sloth, took him through wardrobe changes, prepped bowls of fresh fruit and monitored his bi-weekly bowel movements (yes, really) to make sure everything went smoothly. On top of that, we convinced Carnival Cruise Lines to make a $10,000 dollar donation to a sloth sanctuary to make a positive contribution on behalf of our furry little friend.


Our Facebook Live event with Bill was Carnival's best performing Live video to date. It boosted ongoing efforts to change perceptions of Carnival Cruise Line and laid the groundwork for the brand to turn Summer Solstice into an annual event that is brought to you by cruising fun. Engagement was at an all-time high and brand sentiment was through the roof. We had almost 1.5 million viewers join our stream during the 4 hour event, earning a reach of 7 million users. Almost 70k people engaged with the content and 25,000 users shared the video on social media. Plus we all earned an extra 17 days of summer!

To top it off, our slothy-stream won a Shorty Award as the Best Use of Streaming Video for 2018!

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