Blink Griffin

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Stare down an NBA superstar in the comfort of your own home.

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Our team worked rapidly to establish a proof of concept and form the basis of our blink detection process. Starting with a facial recognition engine, we zeroed in on eye tracking and eventually developed a method to detect the upper and lower eyelids of a user.

We constantly measure the distance between these points, and the moment a "blink threshold" is hit, we know that a user has blinked or otherwise broken their stare.

With a little refinement, and plenty of testing sessions gazing into our bright computer monitors that would make our optomitrists cringe, the game's core engine was complete.


Our interactive videos have a bit of a reputation. So when a concept like Blink Griffin comes along, our team is fired up to lean on a wealth of experience in shooting, assembling and developing a project like this.

Wildlife co-founders Scott & Jake Friedman handled directing duties for the live action components, produced in-house at Wildlife, while overseeing our team of VFX artists, animators and developers to meticulously stitch each clip of Blake together in post-production.

With a video experience in place that was specially shot, edited and composited for seamless interactive use, we had a chance to push it another level by integrating classic arcade game elements and allow users to up the ante in their battle with Blake, all while playing for a high score.

Social Content

The team maximized time on set by capturing Blake performing a slew of actions and one-liners that could live as promotional content for the campaign across social networks.

We shot, animated and composited dozens of GIF's, Vines and Instagram videos to help get the word out about Blink Griffin and enrich Kia's social platforms to coincide with broadcast media and their NBA sponsorship.