Chisel A Bronze Bust VR

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Football fans reach out and touch with their own two hands in a controller-free VR gaming experience.

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Saatchi & Saatchi LA

Our Approach

Living at an existing installation alongside interactive touchscreens and our Kinect-powered "Throw A Fantasy Football" game meant the Toyota Hall of Fame's foray into VR couldn't be a passive viewing experience.

We embedded Oculus Rift headsets with Leap Motion VR, allowing anyone to reach into virtual reality with their bare hands. The Leap Motion uses infrared sensors to track user's hands and fingers on the fly, which meant we could challenge users to create their very own bronze Hall of Fame busts, just like the real fantasy players who have been inducted before them, by picking up a smorgasbord of virtual hammers and tools to start swinging away.

They quickly found out whether or not they had the magic sculptor's touch while the crowd watched on linked monitor displays.

Designing The Hall

We worked closely with the team at Saatchi & Saatchi to build the perfect look for this majestic Hall. Our concept artists and 3D modelers and texturers evolved a variety of moodboards into sketches and rough geometry as we considered appropriate scale and layout for the space.

Careful considerations were made to balance detail, performance and live framerate, ensuring a more pleasant experience within the VR headset.

An elaborate horn-led, confetti-ridden intro scene leads users to discover our meticulously detailed chiseling tools, from squeaky toys to an electrifying "Nordic" hammer, capped off with the playful reactions of the talking bronze busts of past inductees to the Hall.


The experience is powered by the Unity engine for powerful real-time 3D rendering and gameplay.

Leap Motion VR's Orion SDK was paired with our custom gesture recognition to guide users through the less familiar, but highly intuitive process of interacting directly with their own two hands.

With this after-market extension to the Oculus Rift, we were able to peel back another hurdle to VR immersion and show fans a glimmer of where the technology is headed.