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From transcontinental to transformational. Hop on board. Kansas Citians once again lead a technology revolution.

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MKTG / Human

The Brief

Wildlife, in partnership with MKTG and Human, led digital strategy, creative direction and production for the Fiber Space, a retail and live event space in Kansas City dedicated to the launch of Google's first ultra-high speed Fiber network.

Through a series of interactive touchscreens, multi-screen tablet app installations, live action narratives and animation, we crafted a consumer journey through the space that would introduce, educate and activate visitors for Google Fiber.

The Challenge

Before infrastructure could be built and installation could move forward, each of Kansas City's "Fiberhoods" had to hit a certain quota of resident sign-ups. This meant we had to foster a passionate base of local citizens to rally their neighbors and activate their community for Google Fiber. In essence, we had to convert newbies walking through the door into experts and evangelists by the time they walked out of the Fiber Space.

To drive excitement and show folks the value of Fiber, we took complex concepts and logistical concerns and presented them in a series of bite-sized, user-friendly components. Our team created a series of animated demos, interactive walkthroughs and hands-on games to express the power of Fiber on an emotional level and ensure people were having fun in the process.


To introduce visitors to the world of Fiber, we created elegant motion graphics across a large, three-screen wide display at the entrance to the store. Rabbit, the Fiber mascot, represents magic, technology and possibility as he races across the screen.  Fractal graphic elements and the inclusion of Kansas City art, architecture and landmarks were integral to illustrate that Google wanted to enhance the fabric of the community and encourage it to transform into its best self.

Our team also created a custom soundscape that led the queue of visitors around the corner to the first stop on their journey -- a wall of interactive touchscreens where their Fiber education could truly begin.


Fiber introduced a few complex concepts to consumers, so we crafted a series of animations, interactive infographics and games to breakdown just how fast Fiber is, and how it gets installed to your home.

Consumers could navigate at their own pace as we reinforced key aspects of the sign-up process, including quotas for each "fiberhood" and just what it means to have 100x faster internet. Each section, UX decision and design treatment served to communicate key marketing objectives and reinforce broadcast and out-of-home messaging in a more personalized and interactive way.


At this point in their journey, visitors have learned how many HD TV shows they can record at once (8!), how Fiber gets to their home and how much it all costs. More importantly though, we wanted to help the community understand how Fiber could actually change Kansas City lives on a daily basis.

Every Fiberhood that reached their signup quota would get free Fiber hookups for their local schools, hospitals, libraries and more. To tell this side of the story, we took a crew out to KC and shot eight live action documentaries that captured the ways in which hospitals, schools, pro sports teams and other institutions in the city were already using technology in amazing, transformative ways -- and how Google Fiber could help them take this to yet another level.

We came away with beautiful, inspiring stories, completing all of the production, post and finishing in-house to tell the story of a Fiber future.

Fiberhood Map

The final component of the Fiber Space was a real-time map and scoreboard that tapped into the Google Fiber API and tracked user sign-ups in real-time all around the city. The display was formed out of four plasma screens, connected over Wi-Fi to Android tablets that allowed visitors to punch in their address, locate their Fiberhood, tweet from the space and sign-up on the spot.

Even better, users could play the Fiberhood Map like a musical instrument, strumming the boundaries of the Fiberhoods like a data-driven, musical instrument. We designed custom musical tones for each neighborhood and as signups occured in real-time, these Fiberhoods would ring out with a sound and light up to track activity. 

We began by exploring the right interactivity for this piece, knowing that we wanted to play on Fiber strings connecting the community. We charted the GPS data around Fiberhood boundaries and worked through a series of iterations to arrive at a beautiful, intuitive display in line with the Google brand and Fiber marketing goals. Our ranking system drove even more incentive, pitting rivals KC, Kansas and KC, Missouri, against one another in a head-to-head sign-up battle.


More than 20,000 folks visited the Fiber Space location over the course of the action and powered over 90% of the fiberhoods to reach the quote for signups in a matter of days. What started as an experiment in the middle of the country has now become a white-hot product with demand spreading throughout the United States.

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