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A better test drive is one we bring to you. Hyundai's massive new digital platform redefines the car buying experience.

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Our Approach

Drive represented a unique challenge. The value is clear to consumers: order a test drive with a few taps, at the time and place that's most convenient. Uber for test drives, if you will.

But success hinged on our ability to earn organizational support across Hyundai's national marketing and sales teams, as well as individually owned local dealerships and their sales associates working the showroom floors.

While consumer experience remained priority one, the needs of dealerships, and the impact our platform would have on their day-to-day operations was critical to understand and accommodate.

Making It Possible

With a highly collaborative, close-knit group of key decision makers at Hyundai and Innocean, we were effective in leading a nimble product development initiative. It's a process unlike typical campaign-based projects, magnified by a product that mandated viability and usability across a handful of very distinct user groups (customers, sales agents, dealership managers, regional sales managers, digital marketers, to name a few).

Testing for Drive couldn't only happen sitting at a desk. Our team brought the platform into the real world, fine-tuning our mapping and drive experience with in-market consumers and Hyundai's top dealerships in a quest to recreate the core functionality of Uber or Lyft, multiplied by the unique nature of the automotive sales process and decades of methodology.

React Native

Tasked with producing iOS and Android versions of the app in tandem, our team had to look outside of the presumed Objective-C and Java-based mobile development technologies.

We identified React Native, an emerging JavaScript framework developed by Facebook, to greatly expedite the production process, leveraging common application logic across both iOS and Android. This is not a web based shortcut to app development, but rather a truly native implementation with the same robustness as platform-specific languages -- yet far greater effiency.

Though a bit raw at project outset, our team in fact contributed to React Native's open-source codebase and helped, along with folks from Facebook, Airbnb and more, to solidify it into a mobile development force as the launch of Drive approached.

User Experience

We dove headfirst into UX design, working to distill many ideas and preliminary flows from the Innocean team into actionable scope and development parameters.

While we could build on the UX triumphs of Uber and Lyft, countless other automotive-specific business goals would require additional layers of back-end logic, consumer and dealership messaging, management tools, and an understanding of how to extract the valuable data insights and learnings made possible by the Drive platform.

Back-End Infrastructure

Drive was designed using a service-based approach that allows the app's robust back-end to perform the heavy lifting for a majority of its features.

In turn, we could maximize device hardware for a lightweight, intuitive front-end experience fueled by internal API calls. The Wildlife team crafted a highly scalable infrastructure, running on AWS, to support this functionality as well as the product's growth over time.

This affords us great flexibility as Drive evolves and adapts to new platforms, including web integrations with, dealership sites, and other 3rd party sales drivers.

Managing The Platform

In addition to consumer-facing aspects of the app, we developed complete tools for sales associates to receive and confirm new test drive leads, track their daily schedules, and communicate with customers directly in-app.

We added a layer of oversight with a web-based admin system for dealership managers to track their teams' test drives via real-time map displays, scheduling tools and analytics.

Regional managers at Hyundai Motor America are supported with a birds-eye view of their territory's performance, all the way up through sales and marketing leadership, as well as agency operations personnel, all with our fully custom Drive control panel.

Extending The Platform

With the flexibility of our back-end system, Drive has supported emerging business goals for Hyundai. Shoppers now have multiple entry points to test drive on their terms, from the mobile app as well as directly on, where a responsive adaptation of Drive has reinvigorated web-based test drive leads by replacing the prior antiquated and impersonal request form.


Hyundai Drive is rolled out across select markets, with test drives booking daily, and has grown into a pillar of Hyundai's commitment to shoppers. The platform continues to grow and evolve to support changing customer and brand needs with a dedicated team iterating continuously to make it better.

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