Jay's Virtual Ride Along

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Ride shotgun in VR with Jay Leno and two cars from his world famous collection.

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The Shoot

With just a week to prep for our 360 VR shoot with Jay, we quickly interfaced with Jay's team to discover his ideal route to use for our experience. After finding a route that would let Jay show the attributes of each vehicle without running into LA traffic, we built a custom rig for the the Nokia Ozo camera to let us place viewers right next to Jay and deliver the seamless, intimate experience. We artfully staged multiple microphones around the car to not only capture Jay as he talked about his personal experiences with the cars but also to highlight the incredible engine roar of each of these beautiful machines. 

We trailed behind Jay just out of site in a follow-van in order to direct him through the shoot via walkie talkie and ensure that we captured the sound bites needed and timed the experience to the optimal length. Not surprisingly, Jay provided incredible facts about the machines and some very personal stories about each of the cars. 

On Location

To allow Jay and our clients at CNBC have a real-time preview of what we were capturing, we created a completely mobile DIT station in a van running off a generator to afford us all of the luxuries of shooting on a soundstage. This made it easy to adjust our framing and lighting and review the footage in between takes. 

We even got Jay in on the action and let him preview the experience through an Oculus headset to help him get an understanding of the final look and feel of the virtual ride along.

In addition to our primary Ozo camera, our crew placed a series of GoPro cameras around the cars to be able to create an interacitve picture-in-picture experience to bring further interactivity to the 360 VR experience.

Stitching & VFX

With the footage in the can, our team of compositors had to work through the data from the 8 different 2k lenses to generate a seamless image. Inside of Nuke we generated a virtual camera that allowed us to project the imagery from the 8 cameras onto a panoramic environment and recreate what the camera is seeing. 

From there we had to utilize a mix of software in order to generate a clean image and leverage rotoscoping and stabilization to create a seamless video clip devoid of any parallax issues. 

In order to further the illusion of the viewer sitting in the passenger seat, we painted out the camera rig from the footage and performed a seat replacement with a clean pass of seat using reference imagery taken on location. The result is a flawless seat and a perfect illusion that shows no signs of the mechanical artifice holding our VR camera in place.


Graphic Overlays

In order to bring the audience deeper into the experience, we animated graphic elements to live on top of the videos and provide more information. A map appears on screen tracking Jay's location and progress along each route.

At key moments during the rides, a virtual speedometer appears on screen showing the car's speed increasing. We also utilized animated type elements to add an additional layer of facts about the cars and give the die-hard gear heads a richer, more informative story about each car. 

These graphic elements were then brought into our VR compositing pipeline to be placed inside of our virtual space, allowing them to live inside of the environment, tracked to the car and part of the native experience.


The VR experience was a massive crowd pleaser. Fans responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback and asked for more 360 content and Jay Leno was thrilled to see the high-quality results we were able to deliver. The virtural reality content was delivered through a branded microsite as well as on YouTube and Facebook extending the reach of the content across many platforms. A special Oculus version was also created for the premiere party and experiential activations to give fans a high-definition thrill-ride.

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