Jingle Joes

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The Joes serenade holiday shoppers on any device as the eyebrow raising, hip shaking holiday jingle turns interactive.

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Our Approach

Our team was on-set for the commercial shoot to make sure that we were able to capture each of our Joes properly against a green-screen setup. For the dynamic action to work, each movement had to begin and end with the resting pose to allow for any key press to trigger a seamless motion. We led each actor through a carefully planned and strategic series of dance moves and special easter egg actions to be combined later into our musical soundboard.

We took the footage back to our studio and began the work of choosing selects, keying the footage and the arduous task of VFX cleanup to make sure every inch of fabric settled back in its right place to keep our actions seamless. We created additional animations through digital puppet-rigs when we needed extra control for special moments like our ambient breathing loops.

Every Joe was assigned a different bell sound and each of their secret moves got an additional sound effect created by our audio specialists. The site was built in HTML5 to work across devices and platforms, leverging looping clips made from sprite sheets.

Show Your Joe

Users perform and record their own unique song via the keys on their keyboard or tapping the Joes on mobile. Each Joe has a different musical note that goes along with their special, signature move and sound effect.

The combinations are endless between the mix of eight joes, multiple octaves and the extra surprises scattered throughout. Once the user has saved their work of musical art they can share their recorded performance with friends and family through a unique URL with an embedded greeting included.

Anyone who visits that URL sees the same recorded performance along with a personalized greeting at the bottom of the screen. After the song is over, the viewer is prompted with the ability to jump in and create their own interactive holiday performance using the Joes. 

Handy links on-screen provide a map of the controls or quick links to where fans could snap up the same holiday boxers holiday sported by the Joes.


The Jingle Joes TV spot was a viral sensation during the Christmas season of 2013.  Our interactive version had 20k shares, 4 mins of average engagement and millions of visits on this branded microsite experience. The holiday spirit was in full-effect as the Joes' moves brought a special touch to the holiday season at Kmart. Fans used the musical experience to cover classic rock songs, create custom jingles, share songs and greetings and in turn, snap up the limited edition boxers in droves.

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