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Snap it. Tag it. Get it. Automatic image recognition and Instagram combine to bring Bolthouse Farms to the masses.

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Using custom image recognition technology, we asked users to take a photo of anything containing the Bolthouse logo -- a bottle, a billboard, even the website -- then upload it to Instagram, tag it with #CarrotFarmers, and receive their coupon for $1.50 off their next juice. 

For consumers, the process is no different than making any other Instagram post. The moment the photo is uploaded, our custom algorithms automatically identify the logo, out of home ads, bottle shape, packaging and more. In less than 30 seconds, valid images have received a comment back with a link to login and grab the coupon, or helpful messaging if the image didn't quite qualify.

One Last Detail

In order to post these automatic comments on users' photos, Instagram had to grant us access to their strictly controlled Comment API. This is done on a case-by-case basis, and permission was never before provided to a brand campaign such as this. In fact, we launched Juice Recognition before an official ad policy even existed -- or an ad team to discuss the matter with.

We presented our UX flow to the founders of Instagram themselves, instilling confidence that users would only join in the fun willingly, and that Bolthouse had every intention of staying true to the platform and respecting these participants.

Fortunately, their blessing was received, and we were clear to engage consumers on social media like never before.


The program was a tremendous success, raising the bar for social engagement. Initially intended for a 3-month run, the campaign was extended to a full year due to the overhwleming engagement and positive sentiment from consumers, not to mention growing sales. Billboards, buses, subways and more featured Bolthouse ads that featured callouts to #CarrotFarmers and Juice Recognition.

The Bolthouse Farms marketing team was invited to share their insights and learnings from this unconventional approach on panels at SXSW, and we again leveraged the technology when launching a new line of kid-focused products, cementing it as a key tenet of the brand's product rollout strategy.

  • 24k
    Juices Recognized
  • 91%
    Coupon Print Rate
  • 2.5M
    Earned Impressions
  • 12%
    Increase in Sales