Fun in the Sun

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Wildlife helped FCB Chicago and Kmart put together an interactive-guessing game starring the hot summer swimsuits of their Fun in the Sun campaign.

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FCB Chicago

The Brief

Instead of settling for traditional product photos and a catalog style approach to show off their summer swimwear, Kmart wanted to showcase the colorful array of styles in a more engaging manner. Inspired by classic memory-match games, Wildlife helped FCB Chicago create an interactive guessing game featuring each outfit on real live models.

In addition to leading the UX, design and gameplay mechanics, we employed our live-action and post production skills on the custom game footage before taking things across the finish line with the development and integration with Sear's Shop Your Way API.

Our Approach

We were on set to supervise the live-action shoot to capture each of the actresses from the TV spot. Players have a handful of seconds memorize which girl is wearing which suit and then correctly match each swimsuit with the girl wearing it.

Users make their selections within the time-limit and then watch as each girl opens her jacket to show the user who's wearing what and how many right answers they collected. Players could earn actual Shop Your Way points for use in Kmart stores purchase each suit directly through the game. 

We shot the actresses individually in a handful of swimsuits to give us the ability to randomize the game and included a mix of instructional dialogue, headshakes, celebrations, congratulations and other reactions to help us make the game a rich experience driven by interactive footage. 


In order to take our models from green-screen background to their final location of a beautiful seaside beach, we took the footage into our studio and let our artists get to work. We captured plates of the shores of Malibu during the integrated commercial shoot and created a looping background of the ocean waves and sandy beach to serve as the perfect summer time location for the game.

Working with the dailies our editors synced the actions and timing of the different performance takes to make the selection and reveals happen in unity across each of the girls. Our artists and compositors pulled keys, fixed straps, removed rogue pieces of hair and used animation and subtle warping blend between performances and deliver the invisible magic that allowed the final interactive footage to come together on a beautiful beach.



The brand saw an overwhelmingly positive lift in brand mentions and the majority of Tweets and posts on Facebook mentioned the game instead of the commercial itself. Shoppers happily clicked to the shopping site from our game as the gamified presentation of the swimsuits translated to hefty sales for Kmart's line of summer fun-wear.

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