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Wildlife takes over the internet with Wieden+Kennedy, MJZ, The Mill and Vimeo in a first-of-its-kind embeddable interactive experience.

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Old Spice
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Wieden + Kennedy

Making It Possible

Wildlife guided the live action shoot and led the interactive development from concept through launch for Muscle Music, bringing W+K's vision to life in a project that pushed the boundaries of online video.

We took The Mill's raw video clips, reassembled them in an interactive video instrument, and built custom cloud-based rendering software that allows users to save and upload their unique video remix through Vimeo's advanced API.

Live Action

Our team leaned heavily on our VFX and production background, serving as technical advisors throughout pre-pro, and on set with Terry. All elements were captured practically, rigged with pneumatic tubes to create the specialized clips required for interactive playback.

With a bit of additional roto and compositing work, we had a pixel perfect canvas re-created for our developers to run with.

Under the Hood

Our team built a custom engine on the front-end that tracked user's input down to the millisecond. Each time a user jams away with their keyboard, we're logging the x,y coordinates and layer order of each drum piece, muscle and whacky instrument in order to re-assemble each original song into final shareable HD video clips.

From here, they can be automatically uploaded to Vimeo, shared and saved just like any other clip.

User Experience

For all the complexity on the back-end, the front-end experience was paramount to Muscle Music's success. We spent a great deal of time considering how we could make this a creative tool and an instrument for users who are not musicians -- or if they are, are used to a piano keyboard not a computer keyboard.

We created shortcuts for pre-set audio loops, the ability to individually loop specific instruments, and other helpful tools to ensure that all users could create something that was worth sharing with friends, particularly on a platform like Vimeo, full of high-end content and video professionals posting their work.

Working With Vimeo

The Vimeo creative and tech teams were invaluable partners throughout the process. Not only did they provide their world-class platform, but they brought an eagerness to put quality first, and the access necessary to back this up.

With careful UX collaboration that would ensure natural integration with Vimeo.com, and clever hooks into the Vimeo player to transition from traditional video to full interactivity, we could deliver a first-class experience and do so anywhere you might find a Vimeo video player on the web.


We made one of the biggest viral splashes of the year, engaging millions of people around the world and raising the bar for the future of interactive video, while elevating the Old Spice brand to the ultimate in cool with a week of internet domination.

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