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Find the right Chevy small car for your adventure with an interactive video quiz and car configurator turned audio visualizer.

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Find Your Smallmate

Smallmate \ 'smôl-māt \ noun    An awesome yet small car ideally suited to being a close friend or adventuring partner.

With Chevy small cars arriving in three distinct flavors to fit consumers' lifestyles, we designed an interactive video quiz to find the right smallmate for every user.

Five relatable scenarios were devised, from navigating city traffic, to attending an all-day music festival, helping a friend with a cross-town move and more. Each quiz question distills these situations into abstracted, meticulously designed live action sets with answers tied back to the three vehicles' personalities.

By the end of it, we've identified the ideal smallmate for you, and prepared users to make it their very own.

Live Action

Wildlife co-founders Scott & Jake Friedman directed these five connected scenes, building unique color-themed sets with finely curated props and wardrobes to realize each palette.

A motion-controlled camera rig allowed our in-house VFX team to stitch together a seamless transition between each question, with playful frozen moments awaiting users at the next question.

Extensive pre-viz leading up to the shoot was key as we worked on-set to find sufficient on camera layouts to accommodate overlaid quiz questions and answer copy that would flow responsively across mobile, tablet and desktop variations of the video-driven experience.

Let's Get Weird

Chevy Small Cars targets a unique audience, so it was only fitting to take a fresh angle on the classic car configurator.

Sure, users can trick out their smallmate with the perfect color finish. They can even add a personal touch, from windshield-sized moustache disguises, to googly eyes, sidecars and holiday lights.

When it comes time to choose a background, though, things get a little more fun. Users can swipe through eclectic designs, each paired to a looping music track -- slow-jam R&B, wailing 80's glam rock guitars, pulsing techno and lots more in between -- before we grant them 10-seconds to use their mouse or touch to freestyle their own animated works of small art.

These generative designs pulse and animate with each gesture, and we record the whole process, turning user creations into shareable audio-visual loops that can be posted across social media. Friends and family can follow the link to see playback of users' masterpieces, create their own, and add to our (weird) chain of smallmate art.