Keep Austin Queso

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A funky ode to Austin's local bats, famous cheese sauce and trippy vibe with our SXSW Media Temple party Snap Lens.

3DAnimationCharacter Animation

The Brief

For the second straight year we were invited by the world's premiere web-hosting service, Media Temple, to be a part of their SXSW Open House. As big fans of their services and frequent SXSW attendees we were happy to be included alongside other incredible partners including Wieden + Kennedy, Prettybird, HUGE and others. Last year's event allowed us to showcase our Kinect-based Throw A Fantasy Football experience and we wanted to do something fun for this year's shindig too.

Knowing that everyone's favorite past-time at SXSW (and parties in general) is to Tweet, 'Gram and Snap their way through the festivities, we decided to create our own Snap Lens as a special party favor for some added social sauce at the Media Temple Open House.

Built through Snapchat's Lens Studio software, we developed a unique character that tapped into Austin's local culture and could be used in a wide range of scenarios, adding value and a little weird to social content created at the party. We turned our Snapcode into stickers scattered around the event that would activate our Lens and even setup Geofencing at the venue to drive further surprise and discovery. 

Snaps & Bats

Most people know the unofficial Austin slogan is "Keep Austin Weird" but many people don't know that Austin has the largest urban bat colony in the world. We wanted to honor those little creatures in a special way and incorporate the weirdness that makes the city great -- with an extra side of the cheesy queso that defines Tex-Mex flavor.

We started sketching and arrived at a silhouette and character design that made everyone smile. Next we prototyped a few actions we could bring into Lens Studio, defined which interactions were the best fit for the party so users could play with our little bat and tested the character animation and early builds within Snapchat. 

The team had a blast plopping our little fuzzy guy around our office, playing with details, texture and integration. With the addition of a cheesy nacho chip and a tortilla-textured banner we had our final build approved by Snapchat in time for SXSW 2018 and hit the town with hundreds of stickers housing our custom Snapcode.