Throw A Fantasy Football

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Step up, take aim and get ready to show off your quarterback skills tossing fantasy footballs every Sunday at Levi's® Stadium.

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Saatchi & Saatchi LA

The Brief

Santa Clara, CA is now home to the San Francisco 49ers and one of the most advanced sports stadiums in the world.

So, when Toyota was looking to elevate their Yahoo! Fantasy Football Hall of Fame footprint at Levi's Stadium, we put our heads together with Saatchi & Saatchi LA to develop a gesture-based gaming experience that would rival the excitement on the field and the technology delivered to each seat.

We let fans step up to the booth and toss "fantasy" (invisible) footballs at on-screen targets using an Xbox Kinect sensor to track throwing motions and body movement in an arcade-worthy package.

Our Approach

Football fans love to play Monday morning quarterback, but we thought we'd let them try it out on Sunday afternoons as well.

Throw A Fantasy Football gives fans :60 seconds to show their stuff, throwing at a slew of increasingly challenging targets in pursuit of a top score.

The game's all-time leaderboard drives repeat plays throughout the season, while hidden easter egg targets and hot streak rocket footballs round out a classic arcade game experience.

Making It Possible

Wildlife was tasked with all production, evolving an initial concept through game design, 3D asset production, UI design, development, on-site installation and maintenance.

In an environment with as much foot traffic as an NFL stadium, Throw A Fantasy Football needed to carve out its place in Levi's main concourse. Original VO call-to-actions paired with visual prompts, floor decals and our Kinect sensor's instant player recognition to get fans into the game as soon as they approach.

With a quick raise of their hand, they're off tossing Joe Montana worthy spirals, underhand lobs, shuffle passes or anything in between, as a left- or right-handed QB --  any throwing gesture fully supported by our Unity-powered engine.

UX + UI Design

Using a "show, don't tell" approach to our UX + UI design, we crafted a number of simple icon animations to indicate gestures and rules to users at-a-glance. Fans of all age ranges and levels of tech savvy are into the game within seconds. Minimal design elements also provided more real estate for our rich 3D game experience, and thrived on the large format display.

We focused the Kinect sensor to only recognize users in the designated playing area, so that crowds can form, cheer and jeer, but never interfere with a player's game. Should someone pass in front for a moment, the game pauses to avoid fans losing precious seconds of play.

3D Assets

One of the most dynamic components of the activation is its extensive 3D work, performed in-house at Wildlife. We modeled a 3D duplicate of Levi’s Stadium and the 49ers field for fans to play in, then skinned it with Toyota Hall of Fame branding and screen animations for an authentic stadium experience.

We produced must-haves like the football, targets, field markings and goal posts, then let our 3D team loose to explore a bevy of easter eggs that would amp up the fun for players. Football players catch users' actual passes, while streakers and referees jog into view begging to be pegged. The in-stadium scoreboard is in fact destructible, along with the drifting blimp (you'll need to be "on fire" to hit it) and terribly elusive seagull that darts through the scene from time to time (extra points if you turn it into a puff of feathers).

Each element, from model and texture to run cycles, particle effects, and even day/night lighting transitions all mesh seamlessly in the real-time Unity environment to keep eyeballs glued to the screen and fans lining up to see what new surprise their skills can unlock.

Built to Last

Each Throw A Fantasy Football game lasts :60, but brand engagement goes beyond this. After the game, fans can add their initials and score to the all-time leaderboard, then enter their phone number to receive an automatically generated highlight reel GIF of their triumphs.

By the time players have returned to their seats, an MMS message is waiting on their device featuring instant replay of their greatest moments. In-stadium video capture is automatically intercut with game footage in a shareable digital keepsake texted directly to the phone.

Meanwhile, more groups of families and friends gather around, everyone battling for the top score and bragging rights for the day.

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