Since 2012

We’re the mission control of modern brandcraft.

Wildlife is a crew of pioneers, charting the unknown and mapping the future for brands that have the steel to venture into the unexplored and unprecedented.

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Our Team

Good people, creativity and expert craft are Wildlife’s true constants.

With this commitment, we can solve problems of any scale. Our projects are often first-of-their-kind, but the journey is familiar.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, our team spans across the United States. Dreamers, enthusiasts and makers that make the concept of our unique skillset possible as stewards of quality and connection, from concept to launch.

Born and raised on digital.

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Who We Are

We build experiences that are intuitive, engaging and shareable.

Production is in our nature, so everyone on our team can execute as well as they dream.

No project is too bold. No vision is too unconventional. And we always deliver at a world-class level.

The smallest touch of animation on a button, or jetsetting across the globe to shoot A-list talent. We’ve got it.

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Map the future

Design, code, content and experiences.

Using our expertise in strategy, design, production and technology, we solve creative business problems by reaching modern audiences.

What We Do