Stranger Things 1985 is Calling

A 3D printed Walkie Talkie phone case and companion web app take fans back to 1985 for Stranger Things 3.




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Project Overview

The Brief

For the launch of Season 3 of Stranger things, we created retro-inspired, mobile phone cases based on the iconic Realistic TRC-214 Walkie Talkies used by the kids in the show.

Pairing the exclusive cases and carefully aged packaging with a push-to-talk WebRTC app, we sent these to celebs, influencers, cast members, and gave a few lucky people a chance to win one of their own.


Our Approach

Reintroducing the Realistic TRC-214.

A tricky technical design challenge, we scaled up the already 9” tall talkie device and included an authentic telescoping antenna that extends an additional three feet in length, capping off the ridiculous 80s look and feel. Pairing that with the flexibility to accommodate most mobile devices via flexible backing, and a matching WebRTC app to augment the experience, we began the production and shipping of hundreds of units for the premier of season 3.

  • WebRTC App
  • Instruction Manual
  • Packaging Detail
  • Thomas with the T-alkie
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From hand-crafted small-batch to highly-coveted show collectible.

The promos and influencer content generated millions of media impressions during the show's launch and fans latched onto the T-alkie web app too, logging more than 36,000 minutes of talk time during the 4th of July weekend.

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Media Impressions


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T-alkies 3D Printed


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