Italian Masterpiece

Six days to recreate the Sistine Chapel inside the roof of a FIAT. Live at the LA Auto Show.




  • SapientNitro
  • direction
  • editorial
  • live action

Project Overview

The Brief

On the heels of the classic FIAT 500's re-launch in the U.S., the brand returned with a larger version of their classic "Cinquecento".

To show off the spaciousness of this new larger model, FIAT and Miami-based SapientNitro challenged Wildlife to recreate an Italian Masterpiece inside of their new Italian Masterpiece. In other words: recreating a portion of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. Inside the roof of a FIAT 500L. And we had six days to do it, live at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


Our Approach

Having built past experiences for a variety of North American auto shows, including LA, our team jumped in with strong knowledge of the lay of the land. The execution here seemed obvious enough: slice the roof off of a 500L, suspend it upright at the LA Convention Center and allow the great spectacle to unfold with a talented artist wielding their brush.

Of course, FIAT pointed out that this wouldn't show off the spaciousness of the vehicle itself. Our artist had to be inside the car, and they had only six days at the show available to complete this recreation of one of the world's greatest and most renowned works of art. Michelangelo? He needed 4 years.

The Auto Show Floor

We rigged the vehicle with an assortment of remote controlled cameras, GoPros, and even had our Italian painting master Nicola's perspective captured via Google Glass recordings. We fed live stream to screens on the showroom floor, giving car buyers a closer look at his work, and shot daily interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to maximize content from the event. In fact, we developed a rapid post-workflow with an on-site editor at the show, delivering daily videos to FIAT's social team so that those not at the show could follow the progress from home.

Fiat Full Width Module 1
  • Threats levied by The Vatican
  • L500s surrendered to The Vatican

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