An AI-powered Spotify extension, giving users the power to generate custom playlist. Just say the words, we'll do the rest.


  • AI
  • front end
  • UI design
  • music
  • GPT4
  • Spotify

Project Overview

The Brief

Introducing Mixi, your musical sommelier.

AI has shifted the industry in a big way. From images to text and everything in between, we're finding a new way of working. But we figured out a novel way of leveraging emerging AI technology to relax as well. Now, with a simple prompt as to what you want or how you're feeling, Mixi will build out a customized Spotify playlist which you can save or share.

Engineering with ChatGPT4

Using the latest ChatGPT model from Openai, GPT-4-32k allows us the most robust context length for data training and retrieval.

Not only are we able to pull existing user data from the current model, but simultaneously train it on the data we collect to capture the most creative and specific results currently possible.

Leveraging Spotify's Robust Library

The result is a simple, sleek web experience, easy for anyone to generate their own custom playlist.

Modern, streamlined design and a singular function makes it easy to create an AI-generated playlist based on any (family-friendly) idea or scenario you can conjure. We use a blend of your current listening habits along with ChatGPTs latest data model, so results will never be far from what you, the user, is interested in. An in-app player allows you to quickly fire up the playlist and begin listening, and we also allow users to add their custom playlist directly to their Spotify library.

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