Playbook Pass Rush

Playbook Pass Rush highlights the AWS Next Gen Stats partnership with the NFL in a new data-driven mobile simulator.


  • webgl
  • design
  • front end development
  • back end development
  • gaming

Project Overview

The Brief

At the start of the 2023 NFL season, Wildlife teamed up with Amazon Web Services to introduce an engaging and informative web game that promises to revolutionize the way football enthusiasts understand NFL strategy.

Developed in partnership with AWS Next Gen Stats, the cutting-edge mobile game is designed to go deeper into the tactics behind designing an NFL pass rush, showcasing the newest AI-powered statistic Pressure Probability.


AWSPP Two Column

Through a series of conceptual ideation, we developed a mobile-web experience offering a blend of strategy and gameplay simulation to teach football and data fans about Pressure Probability and the game-within-the game - the pass rush.

Developed using the latest WebGL technologies and a robust back end driving the simulation, ‘Playbook Pass Rush’ allows players to test their tactical insights as they discover new insights courtesy of AWS. Fans can play either offense or defense, select their formations and design pass rush tactics, then watch simulated plays that result in a number of scoring metrics based on their tactics.

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