A candy-powered music mixer lets fans create delicious beats and colorful visuals for a chance at studio time with Christina Aguilera.




  • Duncan Channon
  • WebGL
  • 3D
  • User Generated

Project Overview

The Brief

Celebrate the distinct flavor combinations that allow candy lovers to "Be Both" with the SweeTARTS lineup.


Our Approach

Through the creation of a WebGL powered music mixer, we developed musical moods for each candy and integrated a complex audio platform to give each product and flavor its own vibe.

From there, we allowed users to create, share, and listen to thousands of user-generated beats. Each one is crafted by a different sound kit, informed by the candies and brought to life with concert-style visuals.

Be Both

What do your taste buds want to hear?

Vintage with retro organ sounds or Soft with electro-inspired vocals? Vibey with downtempo inspired synths or the bright luscious melodies of Chill offer a rich sonic palette to create with.

Drawing on the up-and-coming crossover Hyperpop genre, each rhythm and melody option pairs effortlessly and adjusts the beats-per-minute dynamically to keep the music sounding sweet. Beyond the audio elements, each flavor choice brings a distinct color palette and highlights specific candies that stay true to the Be Both mantra and pair perfectly across taste and sound.

Sweetening the Deal

Legendary hit-maker Christina Aguilera came on board to promote the whimsical music-mixer and encourage fans to submit their candy mashups for a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration.

One lucky winner received studio time with @xtina herself, and was able to see their creation come to life in new ways as the Grammy-winner helped create an original song using the winning beats.

The result was Breezy 2015 Night — a dreamy, shimmery track released on Spotify, and the cherry on top of this candy-inspired musical campaign.

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