Chill Train

Are you Chill enough to book a spot in a Super Bowl commercial?


Coors Light


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Project Overview

The Brief

To celebrate the train's return to the Big Game, Coors Light gave fans the first-ever chance to book a seat on everyone's favorite beer train.

Through the magic of ice-cold CGI, passengers who book their seat will be virtually placed aboard the Coors Light Chill Train in a special, slo-mo version of Coors Light's Big Game ad.


Our Approach

Through a series of ticket drops, fans could try to grab a seat on the virtual train. Those quick enough secure a spot on the Chill Train submit a photo, and get ready to be featured in the Big Game spot.

We engineered a real-time ticketing system to allow thousands to compete in real-time to snag their seats. With a highly sought-after offering for a small number of consumers, we not only built a streamlined flow, but ensured multiple layers of security to ward off bots and keep the experience pure.

Big Game Debut

On Game Day, the full spot was revealed and 100 lucky passengers found themselves in the Slow-Mo Passenger version — seated in the windows as the train zoomed by.

Along with each of the train's windows featuring passenger images, the spot was full of celebrity cameos, from Lainey Wilson to Kirk Herbstreit -- capped off with the legendary LL Cool J revealed as the train's conductor on the icy journey across America.

The Passengers


Total Seat Tickets

The Train


Custom Train Cars

The Celebs


Special Guests on Board

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