The Generative AI Mixologist

Showcasing Amazon Bedrock with the world's most advanced bartender, The Generative AI Mixologist.


  • AI
  • generative
  • front end development
  • UI design
  • ux design
  • user generated content
  • back end development
  • experiential

Project Overview

The Brief

AWS was aiming to impress at re:Invent 2023 by showing off their latest in AI and Natural Language Processing.

With a short execution window we leveraged AWS Bedrock, Amazon’s proprietary AI model, to build The Generative AI Mixologist. Attendees could enter anything into a text box - describing a scene, a flavor profile or just a vibe - and The Generative AI Mixologist designed a bespoke cocktail on the spot, which a real bartender then mixed up to be enjoyed.


Our Approach

Using a bespoke LLM we designed a unique prompt to make our Generative AI act like an expert mixologist, using guests’ imaginative descriptions to design delicious cocktails fitting their custom prompts.

We included key requirements for the recipe like creating a clever name and relevant description. Limitations were put in to restrict the number of ingredients to keep the recipe manageable for the actual human bartenders making the drinks. Rules were established in the prompt to not create recipes with clashing flavors and we even established back-end protocols to make sure that only ingredients available at the bar for the event would be included in the generative drink recipes.

Order Up!

Each user gets an original drink recipe, colorfully named - along with a printed receipt to hand to the real mixologists behind the bar and a custom shareable image commemorating their cocktail.

With a bold eye-catching kiosk display, guests were enthralled with this unique party experience, offering the first generative AI experience you can actually taste.

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