Joy is State of Drive

The all-new VW Taos comes to life in a musical WebAR experience activated from a custom Amazon Prime box.




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Project Overview

The Brief

The Joy is a State of Drive campaign brings to life a series of musical moods that capture the joy of driving.

By scanning a QR code on specially-designed Amazon Prime boxes, users can experience a virtual drive on a 3D map, add unique sounds along the way, and unlock free access to Amazon Music Unlimited.


Our Approach

Loop by loop, the technology creates unique shareable drives.

A whimsical 3D world winds through different locales, with embedded sound FX at each stop, controlled by users as they pick their soundtrack, color and the audio enhancements for their journey, then record and share their road trip.

Tiny But Mighty

Musical moods are the backbone of the experience, with four distinct soundscapes linked to four hero colors available on VW Taos.

Across a mix of rock, synth pop, afro cumbia and hip hop & funk, our different tunes compliment the vibes of each region of the AR world.

Part musical-toy, part augmented reality experience, this tiny but mighty visual world serves as a personalized showcase for the Volkswagen Taos and highlights the many ways drivers can live their best life, whatever their style.

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