The Hangar

Touring experience blends cutting-edge AR technology and incredible displays to find the next generation of aircraft maintainers.


U.S. Air Force


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Project Overview

The Brief

Bring the next generation of highly skilled maintainers to the Air Force through a series of best-in-class interactive activations.

The Hangar is a touring mobile exhibit comprised of dual semi-trailers with six cutting edge interactive experiences.


The Experience

At each tour stop, visitors to The Hangar can engage with new technologies and get a feel for the types of tasks performed by aircraft maintainers.

The interactions are high-tech, but intuitively designed for guests of all ages to experience gamified versions of powerful real-world systems.

Guest performance is tracked via RFID wristbands
Guest performance is tracked via RFID wristbands

Six Interactive Stations

Mixed reality experiences deliver unique interactions that span every part of the USAF Flight Line. An industrial-scale AR app kicks off The Hangar footprint, centered around a massive F-16 jet engine.

Using Leap Motion hand-tracking technology, users repair the on-screen hydraulics of a V-22 Osprey.

Adjacent, two replica F-16 cockpits feature Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality, with spatially mapped holographic 3D elements and HUD to guide users to run diagnostics on the aircraft's cockpit avionics controls via connected buttons and switches.

A pressure-sensing, digitally connected lug nut lets users perform maintenance on a C-130 tire and compete for the fastest time of the day.

The Hangar concludes by putting users on the Flight Line of an F-35 jet, using gesture-recognition to marshall an aircraft to the runway.

Now on Tour

Designed for tech tinkerers and the mechanically inclined.

The award-winning collection of bleeding-edge activations is touring the country in search of young men and women capable of serving as the lynchpin of the United States Air Force, keeping the military’s most technologically advanced branch at its best.

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