The Calm The Storm VR

A traveling 4D VR experience brings a thrilling commercial to life as an immersive experience for the US Air Force.


U.S. Air Force


  • GSD&M
  • VR
  • Unreal Engine
  • 4D

Project Overview

The Brief

Design and develop a cutting edge, 4D enabled VR experience that throws visitors into the action as a USAF Special Ops soldier.

Our mission was two-fold: extend the story of the larger broadcast campaign with an immersive VR installation highlighting the roles of Special Warfare Operators, and to push the latest VR technology to its limits with intensity and realism.



We worked with active Special Operations forces on location at a live-fire air base in the New Mexico desert, and again in-studio to capture ultimate authenticity.

Using motion-capture performances and photo-real body scans we created a 2+ minute VR experience complete with rumble vests and physical wind effects to enhance our immersive & interactive VR narrative supporting a real-life Spec Ops unit.

Building the Perfect Beast

Unparalleled Experience

Unreal Engine powers the app's next generation visuals, maximizing detail and performance while delivering users with the high-def detail of our 200-camera 3D scanning and motion capture system.

Next-gen realism

Wildlife's developers built branching narratives that trigger both in-game events and real world sensory effects to deliver a cinematic game experience with intense interaction.

Haptic feedback vests, game-activated fans and air compressors produce real wind and real heat on players in a physical space mapped to the virtual world.

Now Touring

The Calm & The Storm VR experience has been raising the profile of USAF Special Warfare around the country with this next-level, immersive experience.

With road-ready collapsible stalls that accommodate up to 5 players at a time, this 4D VR experience continues to impress with its realism and impact as a multi-user touring activation.

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