DoorDash All The Ads

The chance to win every item advertised during the Super Bowl - if you can decipher an insanely long promo code and enter it on our website before time ran out.




  • Wieden+Kennedy
  • Front End Development
  • back end development
  • sweepstakes
  • super bowl
  • UX design
  • UI design

Project Overview

The Brief

Wieden+Kennedy and DoorDash were planning one of the wildest giveaways in Super Bowl history and needed a digital partner who could create a website worthy of such a campaign as well as engineer a back-end secure enough for millions of submissions.


The Big Moment

The commercial aired late in the 4th quarter, as DoorDash revealed the much-hyped promo code sending the Internet into a frenzy.

Swirling type snaked through the scene, prompting viewers to enter the massive, 1813 character code on our site for a chance to win everything from multiple cars and Mountain Dew to a down payment on a house and 1000 Popeyes Chicken Wings. Even with the game going into OT, our audience sprang into action.

Engineering For Greatness

Before a single line of code was written, we knew that this campaign would live or die based on one thing: the ability to scale up to the massive traffic spike during the Super Bowl.

We built a complex back-end system, volume testing for millions upon millions of concurrent users per second, in order to assure that the site's state would switch live exactly in sync when the broadcast spot aired, as well as withstand the onslaught of the millions of fans around the country entering the promo code, all at once.

DD Full Width Module

Entry Analysis

Each submission was analyzed for accuracy, encouraging folks to keep trying (or give up but leave with a fun image to share!) It didn't take long for TikTok and Reddit to go wild trying to crack the code - the memes were endless and the chaos was a delight to watch. We saw record-breaking engagement and a staggering amount of submissions in a matter of hours.

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