Space Is Closer Than You Think weaves immersive 3D experiences seamlessly with traditional content to establish the most advanced military branch on Earth.


U.S. Space Force


  • GSD&M
  • webgl
  • 3d
  • front end development
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • animation
  • back end development
  • cms

Project Overview

The Brief

There's no such thing as a day without space operations.

The U.S. Space Force needs the brightest minds across technology, engineering and aerospace to fulfill its mission and defend the freedom of space. This digitally-led branch requires a web presence to back up its cutting edge technical strength and innovation.


Our Approach

The U.S. Space Force is bold, agile and innovative by design. It was up to us to harness these ideals to build something not only breathtaking, but functional and accessible, to show off USSF’s advanced space prowess and inspire future Space Force Guardians.

We conceived a unique blend of rich interactive visuals with thoughtful, scalable UX design to establish this unique platform. Not only do future Guardians and their families need to be wowed, but they need to ingest critical information about careers, benefits, and signing up. Since is a high-throughput site with thousands of daily visitors, design needs to last and look years into the future. From Capabilities to How to Join, bold copy and detailed imagery lead the way, augmented with elegant textures and color in an atomic design system. No detail was too small: the front-end development and animation adds to the elegance, with subtle movement throughout, crisp page transitions, and unique hover interactions adding to the experience. A powerful CMS-driven back-end uses dynamic components to maximize flexibility and make ongoing updates easy.

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