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These are the stories that move us all, told by OnStar members near and far. Safety and peace of mind, wherever you are, discovered on the Story Map.




  • Campbell-Ewald
  • front end development
  • ux
  • ui
  • webgl

Project Overview

The Brief

The road is riddled with hang-ups, hiccups and even heartbreak. But the road is also our path to opportunity, community, family and memories.

That’s why it’s vital to have someone by your side who is made for unexpected moments. Someone helping you be safe wherever you go. No matter how far. Or remote. Someone like OnStar, who wants the same thing today as they did two decades ago: for you, and your family to Be Safe Out There. We leveraged OnStar's history and rich content to create a cross-platform experience connecting OnStar’s member stories to new audiences across the web and more.

Our Approach

We created an immersive world to showcase all of the rich OnStar content ranging from radio spots, to digital cover story experiences, and docuseries.

This new navigation layer is the basis on which we re-establish OnStar as the automotive safety and security leader by demonstrating the peace of mind that OnStar gives Members and New Vehicle Intenders. We established this fresh visual layer on top of existing architecture, encouraging users to explore member stories, stats and other pieces of content before moving into a standard web flow.

User Experience

The core view of the Stories Hub allows content to be surfaced through a map interface within, promoting location based personalization as well as giving the brand options to highlight specific stories and content.

A custom, 3D-enhanced map and rich search and sorting features help further focus users interests as they discover powerful stories nationwide.

Building from this story first framework, the platform expands from the web into larger more immersive experiences at OnStar's Detroit HQ, as well as Story Map ready GM dealerships.

Wherever they're discovered, these are the stories that say Be Safe Out There.

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