Interactive Ice

A huge touchscreen and tactile puck controllers bring a new level of interactivity to hockey data with machine-learning powered insights.


  • experiential
  • Sports
  • touchscreen
  • unity
  • 3D
  • data viz

Project Overview

The Brief

Interactive Ice is an immersive tabletop experience allowing fans to place electronically-enabled hockey pucks on hotspots across a digital hockey rink to bring NHL plays and statistics to life. Debuting at the Winter Classic Fan Village, it's reached fans across 6 NHL franchises, plus the NHL All-Star Game.

The complex NHL Edge IQ statistics require AWS to distill dozens of statistical factors to provide a true data-driven analysis of insights like Ice Tilt and Opportunity Analysis. In order to bring clarity and understanding to the average fan, it was up to Wildlife to find a solution to funnel these data points into easy-to-digest visuals, allowing users to not only understand with the data, but interact with it as well.


Our Approach

Although the idea of a traditional touch screen displaying the data would normally suffice, we wanted to put users directly on the ice: that required a top-down solution.

We built a three-section experience, allowing users to not only explore stats, but take shots on goal and test face-offs against number of player combinations. The compartmentalized experience allowed for more floorspace for users, and permitted a number of fans to explore EdgeIQ stats in tandem with each other throughout the weekend.

AI Powered Insights

Each of the AWS stats uses their own unique interaction, allowing fans to gain a deeper sense of the millions of data points that go into the NHL EDQE IQ statistics.

After moving a puck onto a hotspot, fans rotate the puck to select new players, tap the ice or drag players into new positions and watch as real-time goal probabilities changed on the fly. By giving fans the ability to shape the play or swap players and their locations to watch percentages change, we brought a new level of appreciation to the invisible layer of data living underneath each NHL contest.

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